I am back in Mental Health Hospital on the 1st of february 2013 I was escorted by John Dust to the Highgate Mental health Centre, Jade ward, then on the 6th of February I ran away after suffering from secret technology being used on myself in Jade ward.

Then on the 7th of February I was found by John Dust in my flat and escorted back to Jade ward, then transferred to Dunkley Ward, The Huntley Centre, St. Pancras Hospital (the same day).

Currently as of 27/02/2013 I am in Dunkley ward waiting for a fitness to plead assessment and waiting to see if Dr. Kathleen MCcurdy can request Maria Kane for compensation on my behalf. But I have made it clear that I suffered violence only! though it was very, very horrible and included the removal of a testicle (it was replaced by one from a corpse) and the removal of a buttock bone. Amongst other acts of violence suffered at the hands of the nurses of Lovell ward.